May 2, 2015

The month of May will be reserved for the winners of the $100,000 Contest held on April 29th of this year. Starting on May 22nd, the 10th place winner ($1,000 in winnings) will be identified. On May 23rd, the 9th place winner ($2,000) will be identified and that process of declaring the ten winners of […]

3 thoughts on “May 2, 2015”

  1. Mike Finley says:

    Of course, those ten people who win the money are not the only winners. The ultimate winners are those wise souls who educate themselves on money matters and then apply that knowledge to their lives on a day to day, month to month, year to year, and decade to decade basis. No test can do that for you and it never will. YOU must be willing to make the needed sacrifices and take this challenging journey to see what a financial education can do for you. Taking control of your money will help you can take control of your life. Believe in that and believe in YOU.

  2. Jean Gedlinske says:


  3. Brian Gedlinske says:

    Thanks for all you do Mike. This is one of the BEST classes (in both content and presentation) that I’ve taken at UNI (and I’ve taken A LOT of college courses). Great and very useful real-life information that’s very well presented.

    UNI would be wise to get you to teach this to incoming freshman as a Capstone course.

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