How many financial “experts” do you know with all those impressive initials after their name? How important are initials? Well, I decided I needed my own set of “important” initials. For years now I have been certified as Mike Finley, CMPW (Crazy Man in the Pink Wig).


The Pink Wig represents my personal commitment to my financial life. Yes, when I wear my pink wig (whether it be on my shirt, my coat, my pants, or even my head) I am telling the world that I AM THE ANSWER!


Financial literacy provides you knowledge on a wide variety of subjects (credit cards, car buying, investing, insurance, credit, taxes, retirement and much more). Knowledge that will not only help you make good decisions, but also help you avoid making bad decisions. Financial literacy protects your assets, your family, and on a broader scale, your life.


To wear the pink wig proudly where all can see is a sign that you have fully accepted the message. What message? This message: I am willing to stand my ground even if that makes me “crazy.” I don’t want to be with the crowd.  The crowd is broke!


Financial literacy can bring freedom and happiness into your life. The credentials behind my name can be the credentials behind your name. What is crazier, being financially free and wearing a pink wig or being financially ignorant with mounds of debt and the stress to go with it?


You have every right to reject a culture that does not serve your needs and, on a deeper level, your soul. You can and should create your own culture that will ultimately lead you to a greater level of happiness. This is the overarching message behind the pink wig.


The CMPW can easily be modified to CWPW (Crazy Woman in the Pink Wig) or how about CKPW (Crazy Kid in the Pink Wig). What about CGPW (Crazy Grandparent in the Pink Wig)? The options are endless. Join me in rejecting this culture that enslaves you (more and more “stuff” with more and more debt that causes more and more stress). Embrace the pink wig and join me in this journey of “craziness”!