October 20, 2014

Why is flight insurance sold at the airport? Should you buy it? Alternatives?

3 thoughts on “October 20, 2014”

  1. Garrett Haag says:

    It is a product that feeds off of peoples fear of flying, it makes a lot of money for the airport.because they rarely pay out, you are better off having term if you need life insurance

  2. Mike Finley says:

    Well said, Garrett. Let’s review.

    Flight insurance is right there prior to boarding to “protect” you from a crash. Just as Garrett stated, they are feeding your emotions to pay for a very expensive insurance policy. Stay away. If you need insurance, follow Garrett’s advice and buy a cheap term policy from a place like term4sale.com.

  3. tIM says:

    yes because I have bad luck. If there is a disaster or storm, I wouldn’t lose all my money and I know the answer is probably no.

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