April 6, 2014

Many advertisers use celebrities and athletes to sell their product/service. Why does this work? How can you stop it from working?

3 thoughts on “April 6, 2014”

  1. Kat says:

    This works, because the average Joe wants to have something in common with their favorite celebrity/athlete. You can stop it from working by understanding that no product/service is going to make you happier, more successful, etc.

  2. Garrett Haag says:

    People trust celebrities, they think that their words and opinions matter more than the average person. Like if Payton Manning likes this Pizza that pizza must be one of the best pizzas there is because Manning wouldn’t say that about any pizza. People value the opinion of successful people more than that or normal people because they want to be just like that person and what to have a life like theirs. If they can do something to make them closer to that person then they will. Companies know this and are willing to give an ungodly amount of money to many celebrities for them to give their likeness to a product because they know that they will sell more of those products with that persons face on it. If people would stop looking up to celebrates so much and would not hold them to such a different standard then normal people these advertisements would no loner work. People need to learn that these products will not make you any more like the celebrity selling it and its rare for a celebrity to actually use a product that they sell. So you are buying in to a lie about someone you look up to for no reason.

  3. Mike Finley says:

    Wonderful comments by both of you. Let’s review.

    Advertisers use famous people to push their products. Why? Far too many people are impressed with fame and because of that, they connect with the product because they connect with the famous person pushing that product. It works for the company (more sales), it works for the advertising company (more money and exposure), and it works well for the famous person (more money and more exposure as well). You? Not so much.

    Stop putting famous people up on some pedestrian. They are not anymore special than you are and they are certainly not Gods. Many of them are a mess when it comes to their daily lives. Who should you look up to? That person in the mirror. That is the individual that is going to truly make a difference in your life. YOU are the answer!

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