December 25, 2013

No question today. Enjoy the act of giving. It will bring happiness into your life. More can be learned by reading my book, Financial Happine$$. Awake!

2 thoughts on “December 25, 2013”

  1. Dyan says:

    // தனக க வ ண ட யத வ ங கப பணம ர ந த ம அத வ ங க வத தவ ர ப பவர என ன ப ப ர த தவர எவ வளவ பணக க ரர க இர ந த ல ம ஏழ ய . //I am reminded of one prorevb. If one goes on buying unnecessary things, he may end up with selling necessary things. I think this is enough to differentiate between thriftness and lavishness

  2. Lalie says:

    Dear Anita, Tom and girlsYou are in my prayers and I am sdening you a BIG hug with LOTS of love!!!I have read through all your comments and you are such an amazing person so positive and strong you are an inspiration for me!!! Keep it up .I know that some days are harder than others, but you will get through this!!! Please rememer that I am here for you and will help where ever I can do not hesitate to call me!!!Clarice sends her love and hopes that you will get better soon. She also sends love to Gracie and would love to have her here for a play date. I will contact you once Tom and the girls are back so Gracie can come to us. (I will fetch her and bring her back you don’t have to worry about that, she can also sleep over!!!)All our loveMathilda & Clarice [url=]qdudyqqvy[/url] [link=]gbrhtl[/link]

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