November 13, 2013

Is a credit card evil? This loaded question is posed to make a point. What is the point?

2 thoughts on “November 13, 2013”

  1. Alex Christianson says:

    A credit card is not evil. Objects are amoral. It is how the people who have the cards use the objects. Bad things can easily come about if someone uses credit cards frequently and does not pay more than the minimum. Then the high interest debt piles up and then it is like they did sell their soul to some sort of evil devil. The point is that credit cards can be dangerous if not used wisely, take care!

  2. Mike Finley says:

    Great answer, Alex! That stupid piece of plastic is just that, a piece of plastic. Use it wisely (pay it off in full every single month) and it can be convenient and nice to have. Use it unwisely (make minimum payments thereby eliminating your grace period) and it can ruin you. The deciding factor? YOU!

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