May 28, 2013

Is life insurance taxed? How would one go about handling a large chunk of money upon the death of  a loved one?

6 thoughts on “May 28, 2013”

  1. Thomas Graham says:

    Life insurance is not taxed. When you make a life insurance policy you should also make a specific plan for your family to follow in the case that you do die. The plan you create should be talked about with your family in the case that it does pay out to your family. Ins some cases it may be a good idea to put the large chunk of money into an immediate annuity. This will pay out the money over a fixed number of years and will help you stretch the large chunk of money over many years. If you get an immediate annuity at vanguard you will pay lower fees.

  2. Mike Finley says:

    Well put, Thomas. Let’s see if I can add to your comments. Thomas is right, life insurance is not taxed under almost all situations. Teaching your loved ones what to do with a big chunk of money MUST be done, otherwise it will quickly be squandered. Have a file where your life insurance policy is placed (make sure contact information is readily available) as well as the basic plan that everyone has discussed and agreed upon.

    Here are a few things to think about. The first thing you do if that time comes is place the money in your bank account and do nothing. Pause and get through the emotions of the moment and that means giving yourself some time to grieve. After a period of time you can go back and review your entire financial situation prior to coming up with a plan (base it on the one you have already completed) on how you will use the money.

    Watch out for people contacting you to “help.” Most reputable people do not contact you. You must contact them. Just say NO to most of the inquiries. If you do need financial help, select a fee-only (no commissions) financial planner and do that only when you have spoken to others to verify their abilities and fiduciary responsibility (they must put you first, rather than them or their firm). Use the same criteria to hire a quality tax accountant and lawyer while your at it. Be skeptical and take your time as you work through these matters. The decisions you make will have far reaching implications down the road.

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