May 11, 2013

Why should you avoid purchasing extended warranties?

3 thoughts on “May 11, 2013”

  1. Katherine Graham says:

    You should avoid purchasing extended warranties, because you should only buy insurance that protects you from catastrophes. Extended warranties make the dealer rich at your expense. The numbers are stacked in the dealer’s favor; that is why they try so hard to get you to purchase one!

  2. Mike Finley says:

    Outstanding, Katherine! The odds are stacked heavily in the the favor of the business just like you said. Can you find someone who benefitted from an extended warranty? Sure, but that does not make it a good idea. I can find people who won the lottery, but that does not mean you should play.

    A business will push the extended warranty because it makes THEM a lot of money. They know the odds are on their side. Play the odds and stay clear of extended warranties. You don’t need them and you cannot afford them!

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