It is important to know your history. What should the average investor know about Enron?

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  1. Brayden S says:

    The average investor should know that it’s never okay to listen to Bob in the break room who tells you to dump all those boring index funds and invest purely in company stock because it’s doing great!! This takes away from a good asset allocation in your portfolio and can ruin you if there happens to be fraud happening in the company you invest in (Enron)!

  2. Mike Finley says:

    You stated the case very clearly, Brayden. Owning company stock when its free is one thing. Moving all of your retirement money into one stock is CRAZY! Listen to Brayden. Don’t listen to Bob or Sarah or Jim or Nancy in the break room who tell you how to “make a killing” in the company stock. Keep your money in diversified index mutual funds that own THOUSANDS of individual stocks, not one. NEVER FORGET ENRON! Great job, Brayden!

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