March 30, 2013

Plenty of research tells us what will bring happiness into our lives. What does and what does not?

5 thoughts on “March 30, 2013”

  1. Thomas Graham says:

    Material things are shown to not bring us much happiness. What is shown to bring us happiness is having close relationships with other people that provide us with an emotional feeling of well being. Another way to be happy is by accomplishing self created goals. Even when these goals are small it will help you be happier in life. Share your life with other people and don’t focus on the things you have, and you will be a much happier individual.

  2. Mike Finley says:

    Nice job, Thomas. Let me add a few things we have learned over the years as the topic has been researched. First, let’s discuss what does not bring real happiness. Chasing after more money or “stuff” after a comfortable wage and feeling has been acquired becomes a futile effort that can actually take you in the opposite direction. Comparing yourself to others who have more money and “stuff” also tends to reduce the level of personal contentment. Basically, reaching for “fixes” on the outside of you seems to take you in the wrong direction most of the time. Now the good news.

    Just as Thomas stated, close, intimate relationships where both parties are socially intimate and the connection is equitable leads to more happiness. Goals that are realistic, and push us to challenge our everyday existence also tend to bring more happiness as change comes into our life. Positive self-esteem, a feeling of control, optimism, outgoingness, fit and healthy bodies, challenging work and active leisure, and some type of faith that is communal, hopeful, and involves purpose generally leads to a higher level of happiness and joy.

    I leave the last part to explain what I have found to be the fastest way to sustaining a high level of happiness and keeping it. That would be giving. Instead of comparing yourself with others who have more, learn to help others who have less. Learn to give of yourself to the benefit of others. Make this a natural part of your life and it can totally change your level of happiness and personal fulfillment. Handling your money wisely and efficiently can provide you the opportunities to spend your days giving rather than dealing with the debt and the stress that goes with that kind of materialistic lifestyle. Here are three books that can help you further understand these points. Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez. The Happiness Solution by Alen Gettis. Finally, The Pursuit of Happiness by David Myers.

    Here is my last word on the topic. Happiness does not come from chasing happiness. Happiness comes to the individual who put his life in a place where he or she can live peacefully within the world they have designed for themselves. Chase your passions. Share with others. Give unconditionally, and happiness will find you. it’s worth every minute you put in.

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