March 25, 2013

Is it better to save your money at the beginning of the month or the end? Why? How?

5 thoughts on “March 25, 2013”

  1. Aaron says:

    It’s best to save first before you spend money. Pay yourself first.

  2. Mike Finley says:

    Simple and correct, Aaron. One of the key concepts of wealth creation centers around saving your money automatically (have it taken out of your bank or paycheck electronically) each and every month as soon as you receive the money. Just as Aaron stated. You pay yourself first.

    Saving at the end of the month usually ends up being for not because there is nothing left and that is not the answer if you ever want to grow your money over time. Make saving a priority and that means making it automatic and making yourself the first person you pay. Pay yourself first. You have earned it!

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  12. Diana says:

    Of course, the other scohol of thought is that you just plain don’t have to listen to EVERYTHING. I think it was Alexander Pope, speaking of Samuel Johnson, that he was the last man to have read everything. Nowadays there’s just too much; you can’t hear/read/see it all.But just because you can’t hear/read/see it all doesn’t mean we should march down to our local library and ask them to buy fewer books until we can catch up, or ask the local video rental place not to buy any more new releases because we still haven’t seen all the Godards or Kubricks or Vardas or Herzogs, &c. &c…Listen to as much as you can, and be glad that there’s a superabundance out there.My feeling is that this site is contributing to the universal library that is the internet, and the more the merrier, the bigger the better. Pick and choose— and enjoy the buffet!Anyway, that’s just my two cents.

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