4 thoughts on “March 12th, 2013”

  1. Thomas Graham says:

    The real return on money is what your money is worth after a period of time minus the effects of inflation. This will show you the “real return” because you are not seeing the inflation that can artificially make your money seem like more. This is important because the real return is what you want to look at when investing your money.

  2. Aaron Howard says:

    I think real return implies accounting for inflation. In addition to inflation. I like to consider taxes, investment fees, and other costs of investing when thinking about the real return on money. Just like inflation some of these other costs aren’t always clearly understood.

  3. Mike Finley says:

    Thomas was first up with the correct answer. Just as Thomas stated, we invest to increase our chances for a positive real return on our money. This is how we grow our money over time instead of watching it shrink gradually over time in the bank. This can best be done by investing in bonds, Real estate and Stocks.

    All three assets have produced historically positive real returns on your money. Bonds generally produce roughly a 1% to 2% real return. Real estate a 2% to 4% real return, and stocks, a 6% to 8% real return. To keep most of your profits, stick with no-load index mutual funds as you reach for those positive real returns. Knowledge is POWER!!!!!!!

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