9 thoughts on “February 20th, 2013”

  1. Katherine Graham says:

    It is income that someone gets on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. For instance, if/when my husband and I rent out our house, the money we receive will be considered passive income. We should strive to earn passive income, because it is the easiest money you can make; you don’t have to do as much to receive this money as you would a regular job. This would allow you to be able to have two different sources of income; one that is passive and another that is not. In my husband’s and my special situation, we could potentially have three sources of income: one that is passive and two that are not.

  2. Aaron says:

    Passive income is received regularly and takes little effort to maintain it. Examples are Rent, royalties, interest and dividends. This is money that is earned with very little time investment. The free time can be used to pursue other goals.

  3. Mike Finley says:

    Great job, Katherine. As always, Aaron added important information as well. Passive income is a very important concept to understand as we develop wealth over time. Rental income, dividends and capital gains from bonds and stocks, royalties, and other income that is outside of earned income (think job) can make you rich over time as you grow it gradually in the most cost effective ways (always evaluate your investments after costs).

    This is always always done initially by combining earned income with your investments. Gradually over time, the passive income should grow until one day it becomes more than your yearly earned income. This is when you may consider retiring or doing something else with your time because the earned income is no longer needed to sustain your standard of living.

    Focus on multiple streams of income as you progress through life. This can be done more than ever by using the internet and other resources to grow your wealth and provide something of value to the world. Make it happen!

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  7. Christine says:

    Strange how Perry sees SS as a Ponzi scheme but few of these pols would say the same thing about Wall St., the TBTFs, where the true, gartanguran Ponzi scheme is playing out right beneath their noses. And, of course, is padding many of their pockets. The common denominator is anything with a social value related to the common good is bad; anything increasing the wealth of the top 2% [laughingly referred to as the ‘job creators’] is good. Few of the current crop of pols are willing to address the national tragedy that is mass unemployment. They flap their lips when convenient. But that’s about it. At least they’re realizing a phrase like jobless recovery’ no longer plays well in Peoria. Nor are many pols willing to recognize [or admit] the link between the downhill slide of a consumer-driven economy when people are unemployed, fear unemployment or have had wages frozen or reversed and have taken on easy debt to make up the difference. The former consumers’ are paying down debt [if they can], buying necessities and squirreling the rest beneath their mattresses. Massive unemployment means zip in demand. Also means reduced tax receipts, starving states, counties, cities, and municipalities. That’s why we’re already seeing pension plans damaged by reckless speculation thrown on the bonfire. Basic services will go, cuts will go to the bone until all that’s left are public assests: highways and bridges, national parks, schools, etc thrown up for fire sale to the same bastards who got the ball rolling. This is called selling the family china. Then having to rent it back to eat lunch. At exorbinent fees. And Rule of Law? Only for those who can afford it.Serfs meet Barons.I think Hedges is [and has been from the start] onto something the trolls in D&R hats have taken the city. We simply cannot or will not admit it.

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