Financial Literacy Classes


A financial education is waiting for those who want it. The path is clear when you are ready. NOW is the time!

This club was created to provide a classroom where you can learn about money without anyone selling you a product or service. Each class (we meet one time each week) is open to anyone and everyone who is ready to learn. Every class is FREE and the information you will learn can change the course of your life. Believe it!




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The 10-week World of Money class delves into all things money  to include tracking your spending, creating a financial plan, improving credit, paying down debt, buying homes and cars, insurance, investments, taxes and more!


The 8-week Investing Seminar, (an in-depth look into the world of investing), includes asset allocation, managed vs. index funds, stocks, vs. bonds, modern portfolio theory, negative correlated asset classes, recency bias, rebalancing, and much more.


The 8-week Retirement Seminar on how to retire successfully not only financially, but also psychologically. Topics include Investments, Social Security, Medicare, Fixed Income, Homes, Taxes, Expenses, Debt, and much more.


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